Based on her designs of frilly frocks, complete with poufy sleeves and tiered skirts, it should come as no surprise that much of Batsheva Hay’s inspiration comes from vintage Laura Ashley catalogues. Her story started with one Laura Ashley dress, in particular, that was so loved and worn, she went to have it patterned and decided to get it remade in multiple fabrics, some of which were meant for upholstery. She eventually altered them to be a little bit more “her” with more ruffles, more pouf, and more playfulness. Her new dresses got a lot of attention and before long celebrities and Indy fashion “it” girls were wearing her pieces. Raised as a secular Jew, Hay and her husband run a modern Orthodox household as adults and parents, and while Batsheva dresses are certainly not typical styles for a Hasidic woman, Hay’s interest in the modesty and strictness of traditional Orthodox dress is apparent in her designs. 
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