Mushroom Randoseru Cowhide 003 Basic Backpack


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The construction and detailing of this backpack is truly something to behold. The Randoseru bag is most commonly used in Japan by elementary schoolchildren. Traditionally it is given to a child upon beginning their first year of school, whereupon the child uses the same bag until grade 6. However, a bag this well made could easily last a lifetime. And then another.

  • Precision stitching by craftspeople to ensure beauty and durability
  • Backside and shoulder straps crafted from soft cowhide for excellent breathability
  • Backside is padded and contoured to conform to wearer's back
  • Hand-sewn leather belt loops hold straps in place
  • Weight-bearing points on straps reinforced with heavy stitching and thick waxed thread
  • Ginkgo-shaped side padding supports and maintains the beautiful boxy shape
  • Padded with elastic resin and foam to spring back when squeezed with force
  • Can hold letter-size folders and binders
  • Shoulder straps adjustable to 8 lengths and can fit adults up to 5'7"
  • D-ring on shoulder strap for commuter passes or charms
  • Front outer zippered pocket perfect for bag's waterproof cover as well as keys and other small items
  • Strap attachment rings move laterally with the wearer to reduce stress on shoulders and back
  • 12.72 × 10.24 × 7.13in / 32.3 × 26.0 × 18.1cm