Sisu Bouquet Candle


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Sisu Bouquet pays homage to Amoln's Nordic neighbours. The Lily of the Valley’s delicate bells sway in the fresh breeze, accompanied by saffron, wild hyacinths, moss and green leaves. Sisu is a unique Finnish philosophy characterized by determination, perseverance and tenacity. A celebration of these values, Sisu Bouquet honours Finland’s national flower, Lily of the Valley, which grows in the woodlands of the northernmost parts of the country. Layered with saffron, mountain flowers, musk, fig tree leaves and Finnish Rhubarb, this amorous candle brings charismatic freshness wherever it blooms.

  • Top: Saffron, Bergamot, Cut grass, Fig tree leaf, Rhubarb, Hyacinth
  • Heart: Lily of the Valley, Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Apple
  • Base: Cedarwood, Amberwood, Moss, Musk
  • Hand-poured and heart-made without cruelty to animals, human beings or our environment
  • Handmade with the finest natural materials and fragrances from France
  • Founded in Malmö, Sweden
  • 270G | 9.5 OZ