Cosmic Wonder

COSMIC WONDER has been active as a conceptual project that comprises various modes of expression from clothing, artwork, and publishing to performance.
Cosmic Wonder was founded in 1997 by Yukinori Maeda, a contemporary artist known for creating installations based on his personal experiences and sense of spirituality. The central and consistent theme of Maeda’s projects is “light,” which he appropriates to present mystic spaces where both spirituality (light) and the viewer encounter and resonate with one another.
With this profound philosophy, Cosmic Wonder has always been synonymous with innovativeness and creativity, creating highly original art and clothing in a space that gathers together a talented global community of contributors.
In 2014, Cosmic Wonder took a new step in its evolution by focusing on the natural materials and sustainable methods of clothing production. By exploring traditional Japanese techniques such as natural plant dyes, they are preserving the old ways while embracing the newness of the future.
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