• BRAND CREATIVE - Produce editorials to reflect FM’s brand vision. Ideate FM alignment with other brands and designers to maximize FM visibility.
  • WEBSITE & E-COMMERCE - Partner with Creative Director for look and feel of website. Manage weekly content updates. Plan and execute E-commerce strategy.
  • MARKETING - Working to create and maintain budget, you will oversee all marketing emails, collaborations, IG campaigns and other marketing opportunities to move FM forward and express FM’s core values.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - You are charged with expressing FM’s unique voice on Facebook, IG, Twitter and Pinterest. You will create a calendar/organization for all social media outputs.
  • EVENTS - Events activate our audience and are an opportunity to show everyone who we are as a brand. Events encourage community and celebrate our customers.
  • COPY/VOICE - The Marketing Director is the mouthpiece for FM core values: Art and creativity at the center of everything. We are a family that has high-expectations for our space and each other. Our love of the product leads customers to new places. Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s fucking clothes. How do we express this in our marketing and our copy? Language is key.
  • WINDOWS - The windows are the focal point for every single person that walks past our store. How can we use this sounding board to fully express who we are and why we do what we do?
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    We are always looking for new and interesting models. If you love to be photographed and play dress up send us a few images and your contact: